Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes


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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
One hundred and fifty years before the present, the wizard Kaedin had opened four portals leading to different planes of existence. He harnessed the power of the four planes to create “Planar Gems,” each with the same power as the planes they came from. He then created a fifth Gem to control the four Planar Gems and entrusted a beholder to protect it. Beholders are long-lived, and this one still protects it to this day. Kaedin became more powerful and malevolent with the four Planar Gems and conquered town after town. The Kingdom of Baele called for its best and brightest, and four souls answered the call (your characters in the game). They traveled to Kaedin’s castle and killed him. As Kaedin died, he cast a final spell that killed the four heroes. With Kaedin dead, the heroes were buried with full honors and the Gems were banished to the planes where they remain. Castle Baele was built over the site of the four portals and Kaedin’s body is thrown into an unmarked grave.


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