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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [City Guides]


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Tootekood: PRTKND01
Komplektis on arvutimäng ja ilus kogutav raamat San Andrease kolme suure linna külastamiseks turistina.

A tourist guide from 1C, which will tell a lot about the world of San Andreas, not only for a novice player but also for an inveterate gamer. San Andreas is striking in size and incredible variety. The state is famous for three cities, each with its own unique style and attractions. Los Santos is known for its huge number of ghettos and its famous inhabitants. San Fierro has become a haven for eccentric artists. Las Venturas beckons with the splendor and luxury of a casino. The guide describes all the control buttons in GTA San Andreas on the keyboard, both on foot and in the car and plane.


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