Kirishima 15cm figuriin (SQ Ceylon Tea Party) Banpresto Statues – Kantai Collection


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Kaal: ‎181,44g (koos karbiga), 112g üksinda
Material: PVC
Bränd: ‎Banpresto
Tootja: ‎Banpresto
Kollektsioon: Ceylon Tea Party
Tootja kood: ‎973663
Dimensioonid: ‎20.4 x 15.6 x 8.2 cm
Välja antud: 22.10.2016
Seeria: Kantai Collection

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Lisainfo (inglise keel):
The cute fleet girls from Kantai Collection have creative designs, but still embody the real battleships they are based on in various ways. Inspired by the British origin of the Kongou class ships, Banpresto has announced several figures of the four sisters with their favorite hot beverage under the umbrella name Ceylon Tea Party. Kirishima comes sitting on a chair holding a cup of tea, which strengthens her gentle appearance caused by the glasses. But don’t underestimate her – she has a lot of power in battle! Still, she also looks great in this peaceful set-up, so don’t miss out on her!


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