Lotus Turbo Challenge


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Kood: E134SMXI
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
The second Lotus game shifted focus to arcade-oriented gameplay. Being the first of the series released for a game console (for the Sega Mega Drive under the title Lotus Turbo Challenge), the fuel limit and difficulty levels were dropped, and the lap-based levels were replaced with course-based time trials (not unlike arcade games such as OutRun), with the player required to complete each course within a specified time to qualify for the next one. In addition to the Esprit Turbo SE, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 also featured the Lotus Elan SE, hence ‘Esprit’ being dropped from the title. There was no choice of the car, however; the player runs with the Elan SE on odd levels, and with the Esprit on even levels. Lotus 2’s single-player mode uses all of the game screens instead of half, and opponent cars appear in a variety of colors (opponent cars in the original game were all white). The music is absent from racing altogether; the player instead hears the car’s engine sound. Lotus 2 was developed for the Amiga and then converted for the other platforms. Barry Leitch’s intro music for Lotus 2 is often found on playlists of retro computer music web radio stations; it contains a subliminal message in the form of a sampled voice at around the 12-second mark (played through the left channel only) which says “you will not copy this game”.[3] The sample is played very quietly during the first few bars and can be easily accessed in any MOD tracker program. The hi-hat and voice sample at the very beginning of the main theme is taken from Yello’s Oh Yeah, a song that became famous as the theme for another sports car (a Ferrari 250 GT California) in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


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