Motocross Championship


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Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
Karp, kassett, sisend ja manuaal

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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
The game is based on the sport of motocross. Players race from a perspective behind the biker they control. The biker can punch and kick opponents while passing them. Each race is against 11 other opponents. There are 12 courses in the game, each of which is littered with obstacles. Like motocross, the courses are hilly and riders bounce and slide. Various stunts can also be performed, such as wheelies, leaning over the handlebars, speed slides, and acrobatics. Players are given the option of one of three bikes to drive. Motocross Championship includes a head-to-head multiplayer mode, as well as a single-player Season Mode that comprises 36 races. A password system is used to save progress in Season Mode.


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