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Kood: T-87036
Regioon: NTSC (mäng töötab PAL masinates ka, sest ilmus enne kui regioonilukud tulid)
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
In Outlander, the player drives along a post-apocalyptic road in either first-person view (Genesis) or third-person (Super NES). Bikers and trucks attack the player’s car with gunfire or ramming. To fend them off, a car window is displayed allowing the player to fire a shotgun to the left or right. The car is also armed with a forward-firing machine-gun. Enemy vehicles destroyed in this way result in an explosion that may damage the player’s car. The car’s fuel is consumed over time, and the player may either stop to refill or run out of fuel. In either case, on-foot gameplay ensues. In this section, the player must avoid chain or petrol-bomb wielding bikers, landmines, and armed hillbillies. There is also an opportunity to collect health, fuel, and ammunition before returning to the car. The player may also stop at towns, another on-foot section that allows resource gathering. Items include ammunition, food, water, fuel, surface-to-air missiles, armor, windshields, fuzzy toys, tires, and geiger counters. The geiger counter is used to detect contaminated food.


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