Project Zero


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Tootekood: SLES-50821 Kategooriad: , , Sildid: , ,


Kood: SLES-50821
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise, saksa
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
Fatal Frame, titled Zero in Japan and Project Zero in Europe and Australia, is a Japanese survival horror video game series created, published, and developed by Koei Tecmo (originally Tecmo). Debuting in 2001 with the first entry in the series for the PlayStation 2, the series consists of five main entries. The series is set in 1980s Japan, with each entry focusing on a location beset by hostile supernatural events. In each scenario, the characters involved in the present investigation use Camera Obscura, objects created by Dr. Kunihiko Asou that can capture and pacify spirits. The series draws on staple elements of Japanese horror and is noted for its frequent use of female protagonists.


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