Skylanders SuperChargers: Portal Of Power


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Tootekood: SRV1A1015020573153
Versioon: 0000655
Tootja: Activision
Platvormid: PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, PC


System Compatibility

  • The Xbox 360 portal will only work with Xbox 360.
  • The Xbox One portal will only work with Xbox One.
    • It also works with Xbox Series X/S systems when playing the Xbox One games through backward compatibility.
  • The Spyro’s Adventure 3DS portal is universal and will work on any platform with the exception of Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • The newer Swap Force 3DS portal can only be used with 3DS as it’s missing the USB port the older one has.
  • The PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, and PC portals are all interchangeable with each other.
  • The Bluetooth portal included with Skylanders: Battlegrounds Starter Pack is compatible with all consoles except Xbox 360, Xbox One. But only through USB connection.
  • The Bluetooth portal included with tablet starter packs only works for tablets and phones.

Game Compatibility

  • The Spyro’s Adventure and Giants portals are interchangeable, and will also work with SuperChargers and Imaginators.
  • The Swap Force portal is backward compatible, compatible with SuperChargers, and one of the standard portals for Imaginators.
  • The Traptanium Portal from Trap Team is fully universal and is usable in all of the console games.
  • The SuperChargers portal does not work with Trap Team but will work in games before that. Like the Traptanium Portal, it is also forwards compatible, and a slightly modified version is one of the standard portals for Imaginators.


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