Sly Raccoon


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Kood: SCES-50917
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
Sly Cooper is a third-person platforming video game that incorporates stealth elements; as noted by an Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine retrospective, the game “tries to mix one-hit-kill arcade action with Splinter Cell sneaking”. The player controls Sly Cooper, the title character, as he moves between each uniquely themed lair of the Fiendish Five and the sub-sections of those lairs, avoiding security systems and the watchful eyes of enemies. While Sly is equipped with a cane to attack his foes, he can be defeated with a single hit, and so the player is urged to use stealth maneuvers and the environment to evade or silently neutralize potential threats. Highlighted by the blue “thief sense” auras, Sly Cooper sneaks along a wall to avoid detection. To assist in these stealth moves, the environment contains special areas colored with blue sparkles of light, identified in the game as Sly’s “thief senses.” The player can trigger context-sensitive actions in these areas, such as shimmying along a narrow ledge or wall, landing on a pointed object such as an antenna or streetlight, climbing along the length of a narrow pole or pipe or using the cane to grapple onto something. The player must avoid detection by security systems and enemies, otherwise, an alarm will sound and the player will either have to destroy the alarm, avoid or defeat foes alerted by the alarm or hide for several seconds until the alarm resets. The game uses a dynamic music system that changes depending on the state of alarm in the area: the music will increase in volume and pacing when Sly attacks or is detected, and then will quiet down as the disturbance goes away.


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