Sonic Adventure


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Kood: MK51000-53
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
Sonic Adventure is a 3D platform game with action and role-playing elements. Players control one of six anthropomorphic protagonists as they venture to defeat Doctor Robotnik and his robot army, who seek the seven magical Chaos Emeralds and the evil entity Chaos. Six player characters are unlocked as the game progresses, each with its own story and attributes. Sonic the Hedgehog performs a spin dash, homing attack, and light-speed dash; Miles “Tails” Prower flies, swims, and attacks robots using his tails; Knuckles the Echidna glides, climbs walls, and punches; Amy Rose can defeat enemies using her hammer; Big the Cat is slow and carries a fishing rod he can cast, and E-102 Gamma can shoot laser beams. At the start of the game, the player is placed in one of several Adventure Fields, open-ended hub worlds inhabited by advice-giving non-player characters. The player character is guided and instructed by the voice of Tikal the Echidna. Through exploration, the player discovers entrances to levels called Action Stages, some of which must be opened using keys hidden in the Adventure Field.: 141–142  Once the player accesses an Action Stage, they are tasked with a specific objective, which is different for each character. Sonic must reach the level’s end like in prior Sonic the Hedgehog games; Tails must reach the end before Sonic; Knuckles must find three hidden shards of Master Emerald; Amy must solve puzzles and avoid being caught by a robot; Big must fish for his pet frog, and Gamma must fight his way through stages using projectiles as a defense.


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