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Soviet Strike

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Tootekood: T-5013H-50 Kategooriad: , , Sildid: , ,


Kood: T-5013H-50
Regioon: PAL
Keel: prantsuse
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
Soviet Strike is a helicopter-based shooter game. As in its predecessors, the player views the action from outside his craft, using one of two available viewpoints. These are similar to the isometric perspective of the previous games but are improved “overhead” versions. This removes the predecessors’ problem of buildings occasionally obstructing the player’s view; and unlike the previous games, the player can no longer collide the helicopter into structures, instead always flying over them. The first camera system fixates on the Apache, while the second allows the player to rotate the screen around the helicopter. The Apache is armed with a machine gun, Hydra rockets, and Hellfire missiles, which vary in power and payload. The Sega Saturn version includes two hidden power-up weapons: doubled machine guns and Maverick missiles. The craft has finite ammunition, fuel, and armor, and the player must manage the payload by collecting limited supplies.


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