SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge


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Regioon: NTSC
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
The game is divided into five worlds (listed as “chapters”): Bikini Bottom, The Center of the Earth (an underwater volcano), Prehistoric Bikini Bottom, Rock Bottom, and Industrial (the industrial district of Bikini Bottom). Each world is divided into four levels, which are cleared by collecting the object desired by Barnacle Boy. In addition, the fourth level of every chapter has a boss enemy who must be defeated to progress. Scattered through all the levels there are spatulas. By collecting all 100 in a level, SpongeBob earns an extra life. In the PlayStation version, spatulas serve as Sonic the Hedgehog-style health measures for the player. If SpongeBob is touched by an enemy, he loses all the collected spatulas, and if he is touched by an enemy without any spatulas, he loses a life. In the PlayStation version, there is a continued feature that features Patrick at SpongeBob’s house all alone; he encourages the player to keep going on SpongeBob’s quest by saying where are his friends, and thinking they forgot his birthday. In the Game Boy Advance version, a separate health measure is used, which can be replenished by collecting items like Salty Fries, Salty Shakes, and Krabby Patties. Lives also can be obtained by finding underpants.


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