Theme Park World


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Kood: SLES-02688
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
Karp, plaat ja manuaal. Classics versioon.

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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
Theme Park World tasks players with managing a series of amusement parks. To do this, the player must choose how to spend their funds, finding ways to expand the number and scope of their parks while remaining profitable. Money can be used to purchase things such as new rides or attractions and hire staff to maintain the park.[5] As in its predecessor Theme Park, the staff available for recruitment include mechanics, cleaners (known in some versions as handymen), entertainers, and guards, but Theme Park World also introduces a new role: scientists (known in some versions as researchers. The staff repair rides, clean litter, entertain visitors, ensure the park’s security, and research new rides, shops, and attractions. Staff can be trained to make them more efficient, and require frequent rest in staff rooms.


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