Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire


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Kood: T-1228G
Regioon: NTSC-J
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
The game retains the character roster of Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, omitting Donovan, Huitzil, and Pyron from the lineup.[2] Taking their place are four new characters: Jedah, Lilith, Q-Bee, and B. B. Hood.[3] It also features a secret character/mode, Shadow, where the player assumes the identity of the defeated character for the next fight (e.g. if Morrigan is defeated, in the next fight the player will play as Morrigan).[4] Vampire Savior eschews the traditional round-based system in favor of what is dubbed the “Damage Gauge System”:[5] battles take place during a single round, with each fighter having two life bars and corresponding life markers similar to those in Rare’s Killer Instinct. When one fighter loses a life marker after the life bar is emptied, the fighters reset their positions as if starting a new round, but the victorious fighter retains their remaining life bar. When the player is attacked, some of the health loss is displayed in white, which can be recovered if the player doesn’t take any more damage. The game also introduces the “Dark Force System” which uses a bar or super meter to allow players to perform special abilities unique to each character for a limited period. The PlayStation version separates Dark Force into 2 modes from which the player chooses before each match: “Dark Force Change” is the same as the traditional Dark Force mode, whereas “Dark Force Power” is an enhanced mode that takes 2 bars of the super meter and the player can inflict damage that is not recoverable (but will also take non-recoverable damage). In Dark Force Power, the player can still activate their special enhancement, but they have to press a unique button combination rather than it being tied to whether or not the player is in Dark Force mode.


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