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Kood: ULES-F12009/E
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
Komplekis on karp, plaat ja manuaal. PSP Essentials versioon.

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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
F1 2009 features all the circuits that are on the 2009 calendar including the Marina Bay Street Circuit for night racing and the new Yas Marina Circuit. The game only features the 20 drivers that started the 2009 Formula One season and do not include the driver changes that were made during the season. There are 15 driver aids each switchable on and off for first-time and experienced players, and in the multiplayer version, the level of help changes according to the player’s skill, by using a “Fair Play” system. It features slick tires, as well as the newly introduced KERS concept that functions like a turbo boost, although the game has the feature on all the cars, not just the few that actually used it in the motor racing series. There are several different gameplay modes: Quick Race, where players can choose from a multitude of options, from driver and track to damage and weather, Time Trial, where players compete to set the fastest lap possible by tuning car setups, a two-player split-screen mode on the Wii, and wireless multiplayer option on the PSP for up to four players. The game also offers the choices of playing through a whole Championship season or taking part in a Grand Prix weekend. It includes the possibility of participating in all the practice sessions, qualifying, and the race. A career mode, involving three seasons of the Formula One World Championship, is also included. The game features technical settings for the player to change if desired, including aerodynamics, car balance, gear settings, suspension settings, wheel geometry, tire compound, and pressures, suspension spring rates, individual gear ratios, ride height, and wing adjustments. About 70 smaller mini-game style challenges in “Challenge Mode” are also included.


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