Guitar Hero Greatest Hits


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Kood: BLES-00549
Regioon: PAL
Keel: inglise
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Lisainfo (inglise keeles):
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits plays similar to Guitar Hero World Tour, featuring support for a four-instrument band: lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocal. In addition to using master recordings for each song, the songs have been charted to use gameplay features introduced in World Tour including the open bass strumming & slider sections for intense solos using the touchpad on the guitar bundled with World Tour. Certain songs have been recharted or remixed to be more accessible to the full band; for example, “I Love Rock N Roll” includes a drum and vocals solo without guitar portions that were omitted in the original Guitar Hero, while the piano introduction in “Killer Queen” is tapped out by the lead guitar player.[4] The game borrows gameplay and graphical elements from Guitar Hero: Metallica, including the “Expert+” difficulty level using two bass drum pedals and the rearrangement of on-screen meters for band mode. Smash Hits includes a Music Studio creation mode and is compatible with the “GHTunes” custom song sharing service present in World Tour and Metallica. Smash Hits also includes all the game modes present in World Tour, including single-player and band career modes, and the eight-player “Battle of the Band” mode.


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